The Sports Squadcast Episode 4 NHL Conference Finals

Good afternoon! Allow me to introduce a very special edition of The Sports Squadcast. With the Conference Finals starting tonight, there seemed like no other time to do an NHL show other than now. Today, I’m joined by two of my colleagues from Suffolk County Community College and Oswego State University, Matt Jackson and Larry Bergin.

Matt and I met when we were paired up as broadcasting partners commentating on games for the Suffolk Juniors, a local travel hockey team on Long Island, back in 2010. That year, Matt started college at SCCC where he would meet Larry Bergin, and the two of them became invaluable members of the college’s radio and television production program.

When it came time to get their four-year degree, Larry and Matt both chose Oswego State, whose pedigree of producing skilled radio and television production talent is second to none. In my final semester at school, Matt, Larry, and I spent our free time playing NHL 12 with the Nashville Predators, watching the Rangers and Islanders make a run to the playoffs in the (lockout shortened) 2013 season, and enjoying a relaxing beer along the way.

When we weren’t in class, our secondary “job” was as production team members of the student run TV station, WTOP-10. Larry and Matt would go on to commentate, direct, and produce numerous live sports broadcasts during their senior year.

Currently, Matt is a director for the CBS affiliate in Albany, while Larry is an sports video editor for NeuLion. Today, in a rare occurrence of all three of us being available at the same time, the two of them joined me over Google Hangout to talk about hockey.

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