The Sports Squadcast Episode 3 – The Bartolo Colon Saga

After a 10 day absence, The Sports Squadcast makes its return! We discuss the Bartolo Colon home run, the Mets season, and the Yankees struggles.

Joining me for this episode are two voices you have heard before, Ryan King and Matt Gochan. Early into the podcast, you’ll hear a new voice as John Kubisa picks up his first cap on the show. John has followed New York sports for as long as I have known him (which dates back to elementary school!) with particular love for hockey and golf.

Two new segments have been added. “Put a A Dollar On It” where we discuss what unlikely events we would have placed our bets on. Not surprisingly, all of us would have put money on one of the three unlikely sports events to happen rather than one of our friends hooking up with a female.

And finally, we have SquadStar, which is our version of player of the week.

So give it a listen! And we should be back with another Squadcast during the weekend!

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