State of the Blog – 2013

After a long, long absence, I am back. I realize that my last post was back in October, when I previewed the League Championship Series, and apologize for the extended hiatus. Ever since this blog’s inception, nearly two years ago, my publications have been streaky, at best. Some reasons are valid – most of this year I was up in Oswego, attending school, getting solid grades, and participating at the student television station, WTOP, where I was the sports anchor for Sunday night newscasts in addition to being a crew members for live sports broadcasts and serving as an analyst for basketball telecasts. For the first time in my life, I had to adjust to living with a roommate, which means that some sporting events that should have been watched were missed.

As a writer, you try to get into a rhythm. The best example of this comes from the blog’s most productive period in 2012. During baseball season, when I would post biweekly re-caps of important baseball action, which kept this site active from April until I left for college at the end of August. I was blessed with a captivating NBA playoff, the Johan Santana no-hitter, and the Yankees turbulent 2012 season to keep me active. While early on in the fall semester, the blog was still active, schoolwork and school life started to affect the creative process. The final eight weeks of the semester were filled with papers, reading assignments, and work for WTOP. The few moments where I was free were spent with friends.

All of this had its impact on the creative process. I was cut off from both watching and writing about sports, making it difficult to think of what to write about, let alone producing something that would look better than a third grader’s work. My writing was constrained to 140 characters per post, which I was more than happy to post on Twitter. Whereas my Twitter activity was low over the summer when the blog was active, I found myself Tweeting more as my activity here declined.

What pains me is that there was a great deal to write about. From the Jets blundering around, to great NFL stories in Washington, Seattle, Indianapolis and Minnesota, the NFL season the shiny pearl it usually is. The San Francisco Giants put themselves on the fringe of dynasty discussion with a deadly pitching staff and a young catcher who will inherit the reins from Derek Jeter as the face of baseball if he and his team continues to win. The NBA off-season produced a chaotic start to the season for one Los Angeles team, while the other one has been nearly unstoppable. The New York Knicks will enter 2013 as a contender for the Eastern Conference title and are driven by Carmelo Anthony’s MVP-worthy season, while the Brooklyn Nets have run into as much trouble in their new location as they did across the river.

Nothing has pained me more than not being able to follow all of this as much as I would like. However, 2013 is a new year and a new start. I’m looking forward to the new year for a few reasons. I will graduate college in May. While it’s not guaranteed to stay this way, as of now, I have no roommate assigned to me, which should make following everything considerably easier, as well as allow me to stay concentrated on my writing.  There will be a new amount of dedication put into this blog, which will aim to have at least one high quality article per week. This will begin on January 2nd with reaction to what the New York Jets do in regards to their head coach and general manager and the future direction of the organization. It will continue through the NFL playoffs, which offers an incredible mix of veterans such as Manning and Brady, and young stars like Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and my passion with you.

I understand that nearly all of my readers are either family members or friends, and that this blog will never be popular with anyone aside from the loyal few that do read it. I don’t expect it to, nor does it deserve to be held in a high regard after I have disregarded it for the past ten weeks. If I can get ten readers for an article, that’s a win for me. Twenty readers for an article is a miracle. Interactivity at NASB is something that I hope to build upon. There will be more polls, more questions posed to readers, and more feedback requested. You can leave a comment here, but I’d prefer it if you sent me a Tweet. I check it more frequently, and it is easier for me to access. I think 2013 will be the most productive year yet, and I look forward to ringing it in with quality writing.


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