Rain, Rain Go Away

I’ve been a bit bummed out with the weather in New York and the entire North-East corridor recently. This has been a brutal April (and year) as far as weather has gone, and I had hoped it would have gone away by now. But like I set my status to on Facebook last night, Mother Nature can be a real b*tch sometimes.

The Yankees have already had two games rained out, and we’re three weeks into the season. Last Wednesday, the Yankees and Twins were rained out, and with the Twins not taking another trip out to the Stadium this year and both teams being wary of scheduling a possible double-header the following because it was so early in the season, the two teams are in a bind as to when to make up the game. Last night, the Yankees and Orioles were rained out, and the weather has not improved as of this writing. Tonight’s game is in jeopardy as well, although with the Yankees and Orioles seeing each other 18 times this season, it is easier to make these games up. Still, it is depressing!! This has been one of the worst weather I’ve seen in April! I can not remember (and if anyone would like to correct me, please do) a time where three Yankees games were rained out in the two weeks of the season. You can compare this to last April, when on April 7th, the weather was in the upper 80’s and sunny.

It makes me wonder why the Yankees didn’t chip in extra money for retractable roofs when they built their new stadium. I’m not one of those guys who think that baseball and all sports should be played in a void. I’m saying that retractable roofs have a purpose, to ensure that there are no rain outs. You would think it wouldn’t be a financial issue; they ARE the Yankees. I’m not so sure it’s even a question of aesthetics. SAFECO Field is widely regarded as one of the nicest stadiums, and it has a retractable roof.

What it comes down to, I think, is ensuring the purity of the game. The Yankees did not want to introduce the element of removing the elements. I can’t say as to whether I agree or not. Like I said, I think the weather is a part of the game. Sports shouldn’t be played in a static environment. How would Soldier Field feel if there was a dome? How great was the first rain delay at Target Field, when the fans cheered the rolling of the tarp out onto the field. It’s a personal preference, no right or wrong answer. But when the season starts to keep hiccuping like this, the idea of domes sounds heavenly.

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