It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So after not posting a blog for about two weeks (mainly due to the depression of not having any more WSHR games to cover), it’s finally time for another one, and in perfect time. So get your popcorn ready!

First of all, it’s spring! What could be better than that, especially after the brutal winter that the Northeast had. Here on Long Island, warm weather can’t get here fast enough. And with warm weather comes baseball.

Baseball calls New York its home. It is the sport of the city and Long Island, no matter how much football or basketball may dominate the winter. Baseball never sleeps in New York. The best part of spring training is the hope that comes with every team, even perennial losers such as the Royals and Pirates have reason to hope. In New York, the Yankees always bring hope. In many years, the Mets do too, but for financial reasons and some on-field reasons, reason to hope has dimmed. It’s still over two weeks away until the first game of the season, and there will be many posts in the coming weeks about baseball, but there is still much excitement about both teams.

But before we get there, it’s time for the NCAA Tournament, and March Madness. Of course the field of 68 (soon to be narrowed to 64) was set, with Ohio State, Duke, Pitt and Kansas getting number one seeds in their region. I’ve been watching the NCAA tournament since 2005, and every round of every year’s action, there is always one game that stands out. Whether it is triple-OT thrillers like Kentucky and Michigan State in 2005’s Elite Eight, George Mason’s unprecedented run to the Final Four in 2006, or Robert Moore’s heroic three point shooting to lead Siena to an upset over Ohio State in the First Round of the 2009 tournament. There’s always a thrill, which is the main reason why I love the Tournament. Even if you don’t have a rooting interest, there is great drama in every round. One game, winner moves on, sixty-three times over a three week span. Simply nothing better. That’s the reason there is nothing better than March’s transition into April.

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